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Please enjoy our second video in the Virus Law Vlog Series.

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Greg Brockwell:
Welcome to the second installment of the Brockwell Smith Virus Law Blog, and blog.

We’re maintaining our social distancing. Here. Everybody’s heard of the series Between Two Ferns. We are now around some succulents.

So, it’s been an interesting week. Later today, a lot of “Non-Essential Businesses” in Jefferson County have been ordered to close.

We’re gonna have a list of those on the video, so you can see how it’s defined. It’s not quite as broad as you might think, but it is a lot of places that people like to go to exercise, recreate, have a good time. So a lot of those business owners are understandably worried about what that means for their business and whether there might be any insurance help for them. So we’ve been getting a lot of questions about business interruption insurance and we want to talk about that with you today.

We’ve got Allen Sorrell here, our associate. Allen tell us a little bit about business interruption insurance.

Allen Sorrel:

Sure, it’s also called “business income coverage” and its commercial property insurance, that is designed to help cover you, when you lose income when there is a certain type of damage to your physical premises of your business.

Jay Smith:

And as Allen pointed out, it often requires actual damage to the premises to trigger coverage. For instance, a fire, a busted pipe or a tornado or something like that.

Greg Brockwell:

So things that aren’t really like a virus? Is that right, Jay?

Jay Smith:


Greg Brockwell:

So apart from that issue, that normally you need some physical damage to the property, here also is a virus exclusion. You’ll see an example here in many policies as well as a law in ordinance exclusion. So our expectation is that there’s not going to be coverage for most people under the normal policies. But what should people do if they have a question about it, Jay?

Jay Smith:

Well, first of all, look at your policy itself, the policies vary from policy to policy. And if you got any questions, call your agent or call us.

Greg Brockwell:

Ok, and you’ll see our contact information here. We’ve even added Allen there, so don’t be afraid to talk to Allen as well, and we’re here working for you, and look forward to talking with you if you have any questions about business interruption insurance.

Thank you

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