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If your business becomes involved in any form of litigation, you will need a strong legal advocate to fight for you in and out of the courtroom. At Brockwell Smith LLC, our Birmingham business litigation lawyers offer strategic representation to companies of all sizes throughout Alabama. We are not afraid to take complex cases or go up against larger organizations. Protecting your interests is our top priority, and we will leverage the full extent of our firm’s resources to pursue a just outcome. 

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Client-Focused Representation

When you hire Brockwell Smith LLC to represent you in litigation, you are not just a number. We value genuine, personal relationships with our clients and are deeply invested in the outcome of your case. Our legal professionals will work closely with you as we develop our case strategy. You will have direct access to our attorneys, and we strive to provide an exceptional level of responsiveness and attention. Your input is important to us, and we will adjust our approach to suit your needs and objectives.

  • “Greg Brockwell and Jay Smith are top quality attorneys and have served my company and myself personally for many years.” - William B.
  • “As a business owner, I appreciate the fact that he doesn't "over lawyer" things and understands business involves risk.” - Matthew W.
  • “Mr. Brockwell’s attention to detail and comprehensive and consummate preparation for his presentation to the court as well as anticipation of the other side’s counter arguments were of paramount importance to winning the case.” - Eric N.

    Cases Our Firm Handles

    Our firm represents plaintiffs and defendants in business litigation. We are prepared to assist organizations of all sizes, including smaller businesses that have been wronged by larger companies. Our team is made up of fierce litigators who have what it takes to win, and we will do everything possible to deliver an optimal result. 

    Our Birmingham business litigation attorneys handle cases involving:

    • Breaches of Contract. When a business suffers harm due to another party’s failure to perform contractual responsibilities, the non-breaching business can sue the breaching party and potentially recover compensation for damages. Our firm has a proven track record of obtaining favorable settlements and jury verdicts in these cases. 
    • Construction Litigation. Construction disputes can be immensely complex and involve multiple plaintiffs and defendants. We are prepared to take on cases involving defective products, developers, contractors, suppliers, engineers, architects, homebuyers, builders, tenants, and insurance companies. Our team has secured favorable settlements and verdicts in construction litigation cases. 
    • Insurance Coverage Disputes and Bad Faith Litigation. Some insurance companies will unfortunately do everything they can to avoid paying a legitimate claim. You may need to consider litigation if your insurance company refuses to provide financial and legal protection that you paid for, unjustifiably denies a valid claim, deliberately delays the processing of your claim, or denies the existence of a valid policy. Your insurance company may be acting in bad faith if they refuse to communicate, immediately deny a claim, intentionally misrepresent the terms of your policy to justify a denial, offer a grossly insufficient settlement, or refuse to conduct an investigation. 
    • Partnership and Shareholder Disputes. Contentious ownership disputes tend to develop when there are disagreements over the company’s direction, large disparities in compensation or contributions, or when major decisions are made without consulting all owners. Conflicts may also arise if there are allegations of misconduct on the part of any owner, including a breach of fiduciary duty. We generally focus on de-escalation in these scenarios and do everything possible to avoid litigation, as public court action can damage your business’s reputation and valuation.
    • Trust and Estate Litigation. When someone creates an estate plan, they establish legally enforceable instructions for how their chosen fiduciaries must manage their affairs and assets should they become incapacitated and when they pass away. Estate litigation may become necessary if a fiduciary (such as a conservator, guardian, trustee, or personal representative) breaches their fiduciary duty. Other forms of estate litigation may involve beneficiary disputes, creditor claim disputes, will contests, contested powers of attorney, and wrongful death recovery. 
    • Business Torts. A tort is an unlawful action a business takes to harm another company. Examples include tortious interference, breach of contract, fraudulent misrepresentation, injurious falsehood, and unfair competition. The harmed party generally has the right to sue the party responsible for the tort and attempt to recover compensation for all resulting damages.

    If you are not sure whether to pursue litigation against another person or organization, our Birmingham business lawyers can help you understand your rights and options. Call (205) 920-2424 or contact us online to get started

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