Virus Law - Shelter in Place

Virus Law - Shelter in Place

Stay at Home, Alabama. That’s what Gov. Kay Ivey told the state in her 4:00 PM press conference today. There are exceptions for essential businesses and services, curbside restaurants, groceries, outdoor activity, etc.

Here are the highlights:

  1. All persons are ordered to stay at home except as necessary to perform an “essential activity.”
  2. Essential activities are:
  3. To obtain necessary supplies (food, household goods, medicine, fuel)
  4. To obtain or provide necessary services (allowed medical/dental services, government-funded services, auto repair)
  5. To attend religious services of less than 10 people with 6 foot spacing
  6. To take care of others
  7. To work at an essential business
  8. To engage in outdoor activity (less than 10 people, with 6 foot spacing)
  9. To seek shelter
  10. To travel as required by law enforcement or court order
  11. To see family members
  12. Essential businesses and operations are:
  13. Government operations
  14. Healthcare providers and caregivers
  15. Infrastructure operations
  16. Manufacturing facilities
  17. Agricultural operations
  18. Essential retailers like grocery stores, liquor stores, convenience stores, office-supply stores, pharmacies, hardware stores, gas stations, gun stores, auto supply, bike supply, boat supply
  19. Restaurants and bars
  20. Essential personal services like trash collection, mail and shipping, auto sales and repair, laundry, childcare, funeral
  21. Media operations
  22. Education operations for remote learning
  23. Financial services like banks
  24. Professional services like lawyers, accountants, insurance, and real estate
  25. Providers of basic necessities to the economically disadvantaged
  26. Construction and related services
  27. Essential public services
  28. Military
  29. Transportation and other essential support services
  30. Religious entities
  31. Federally-designated critical infrastructure
  32. Any business not listed above is now “non-essential” and must be closed. This includes, but is not limited to, all businesses already listed as “non-essential” under previous orders.

**BUT—a “non-essential” business may continue to operate through curbside pickup, delivery, remotely, or any other method that does not involve a customer entering its building so long as all reasonable steps are taken to ensure at least a 6 foot distance.

  1. An essential business may, but is not required to, issue credentials to employees to verify their status as an employee of an essential business.
  2. All essential businesses must take all reasonable steps to avoid gatherings of more than 10 people and any proximity of less than 6 feet.
  3. Any person who’s tested positive must be quarantined at home for at least 14 days.

The entire order provides more details and is available below.