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To boost airfreight transport options out of Europe, Dachser USA, a subsidiary of Dachser, expanded its dedicated Frankfurt-Chicago air cargo service by adding a weekday flight to complement its weekend schedule. The new route is operated by American Airlines with B777/PAX freighters and runs every Wednesday from Frankfurt to Chicago. A main feature is the step-through operator compartment; its low floor height of 11 inches enables single-step access from both sides of the truck.

With a focus on retail clients, the combined offering includes digital support to enable data-driven decisions; and support to modernize warehouses. The goal is to support an industry through a period of unprecedented transformation – driven by the Covid-19-induced ecommerce boom. To better serve shippers of all sizes, transportation solutions provider Transfix entered into new TMS integration partnerships with logistics software providers FreightPOP, project44, Recon Logistics, SwanLeap, and UROUTE. Through the API integrations, shippers can accelerate complex, time-consuming workflows and gain visibility and access to fair market rates and capacity in real time. Transformation isn’t about installing a new system or implementing new processes. Throughout the planning and execution, supply chain stakeholders and Cisco IT kept a laser focus on business requirements and the capabilities needed to support them.

Many factors may have contributed to the results and benefits described; Cisco does not guarantee comparable results elsewhere. Stabilizing the R12 platform and all the new capabilities that have been implemented. Instructor-led training for reaching a wide audience; used for communicating complex process changes.

With more than 300 product families, Cisco® has a wide range of gear targeted at a spectrum of customers with vastly different expectations and fulfillment requirements. Single global ERP instance, new business models, standardization, and automation throughout supply chain boost Cisco agility, resiliency, and ability to scale. LASec is a comprehensive automated solution that automates the processes right from account creation to daily assessment of the account value to account closure.


The two groups collocated in the same building, on the same floor specifically, for the supply chain transformation. A large percentage of Cisco growth comes through acquisitions, and they bring their own supply chain requirements and processes that need to be integrated into Cisco core operations. We can apply any combination of solutions in a contractual agreement designed to complement your existing resources and integrate them into your lifecycle management strategy. This approach benefits companies seeking to achieve critical business outcomes by augmenting in-house lifecycle management and fulfillment capabilities.

Honeywell Intelligrated Lifecycle Support Services is leading this new approach to lifecycle management. We’re combining innovative, data-driven technology and industry expertise to provide all the services, parts and support you need to keep your material handling systems and operations running at peak efficiency. Retailers now have a fully automated order fulfillment solution with the integration between Kindred’s SORT robot technology and S&H Systems’ materials handling and software product portfolio. The integrated solution allows enterprises to scale operations, optimizing throughput and fulfillment accuracy . As part of the Richardson data center cutover, the release team tested 10 regression scenarios that included backlog management and all key downstream steps in the order fulfillment process.

We have been developing integrated software for both the depositories; National Securities Depository Limited and as well as Central Depository Services Limited . Our BFSI Domain knowledge is widely appreciated by our customers and sets us apart from other compitators. Old Dominion Freight Line boosted its network by adding or expanding nine service centers. The LTL carrier’s new or upgraded facilities include Brooklyn, New York; Edinburgh, Indiana; Grand Island, Nebraska; Louisville, Kentucky; Mansfield, Ohio; McDonough, Georgia; Mesa, Arizona; Milton, Pennsylvania; and Olympia, Washington. The updated TOUGHBOOK 33 fromPanasonic System Solutions provides enhanced connectivity for warehouse workers, with the ability to connect to private LTE CBRS networks, up to 2.8x faster Wi-Fi 6, and 2x faster Bluetooth 5.1. The latest TOUGHBOOK 33 also provides upgraded security with Intel Hardware Shield and meets Microsoft’s Secured-core PC requirements.

Cisco offers the following best practices for organizations embarking on a supply chain transformation. Following the end-to-end process mapping, the team identified about 60 essential design decision scenarios. For example, at what point in the process flow should a purchase order be created in Oracle? After all the answers were logged, the team reduced the design decisions to 12 that were considered foundational. Honeywell Intelligrated 24/7 technical support remotely connects you to our expert, multilingual service team to identify and respond to your issues.

How Cisco Transformed Its Supply Chain

It offers credit to corporate as well as individuals against the pledging of financial securities such as fixed assets, equity shares, insurance bonds, mutual funds, etc. In other words, LASec helps boost your efficiency while reducing transaction costs. The Columbus Regional Airport Authority is set to develop a new air cargo pharmaceutical handling facility at Rickenbacker International Airport, with the help of a $600,000 grant from JobsOhio as part of the Ohio Site Inventory Program. The 9,600-square-foot warehouse will be the first dedicated handling facility for temperature-controlled pharmaceutical air cargo shipments in Ohio. Using information culled in the design phase, program leads produced a visual called the “circle of light.” It represented the entire supply chain process, starting with forecasting.

3PL Kenco Logistics launched Kenco STARR, a transportation management system for small to mid-sized shippers. With Kenco STARR, shippers can automate tendering, tracking, and invoice settlement. In addition, users can leverage pre-qualified carriers to reduce freight costs. Optimizing the platform for any additional functionality and capabilities, or enhancements to existing ones. Nurture a strong partnership with suppliers and manufacturing and logistics partners.

More than 14,000 ship sets moved through the system in the first week and a half without any major incidents. Cisco IT has turned its focus on delivering and validating R12 reports required for fiscal quarter-end reporting and U.S. The resources are certified in BFSI Domain as well as in technologies such as AWS, Microsoft, Oracle, Teradata, IBM, Mulesoft. We provide staffing services to our customers to help them quickly ramp up the team. Predominantly using 95 percent Oracle R12 OOTB functionality, Cisco simplified and consolidated supply chain business processes and the ERP system, and created a standardized, automated, end-to-end workflow. Today, 85 percent of the US$43 billion Cisco revenue is captured on the new platform.

  • This model also allows you to explore our capabilities and expand your partnership over time.
  • Lifecycle Support Services can take complete ownership of lifecycle management via a contractual agreement designed to achieve your defined critical business outcomes.
  • The IT foundation between order management and the supply chain is under way, which will facilitate the buildout of fully automated entities in emerging countries.
  • With a focus on retail clients, the combined offering includes digital support to enable data-driven decisions; and support to modernize warehouses.
  • We also provide purely transactional engagement models for companies that simply need to procure specific services from our comprehensive portfolio of solutions.
  • The latest TOUGHBOOK 33 also provides upgraded security with Intel Hardware Shield and meets Microsoft’s Secured-core PC requirements.

Renamed from GEODIS Industrial Projects to GEODIS Project Logistics, the service now extends beyond the industrial segment, integrating the company’s aid and relief business as well as its marine logistics teams. Logistics Plus embedded a new business intelligence tool called MyFreightTrends in its cloud-based eShipPlus transportation management system. The tool provides detailed dashboards and analytics on users’ North American freight shipping, including a lane analysis report with network velocity metrics and a summary report with total LTL and FTL spend by mode and by carrier. Companies can now search and find loads from Uber Freight’s network directly in the AscendTMS software platform from InMotion Global. The integration between Uber Freight and AscendTMS provides access to Uber Freight loads, optimized for reduced deadhead and minimal wait times. The IT foundation between order management and the supply chain is under way, which will facilitate the buildout of fully automated entities in emerging countries.

In the Richardson data center, Oracle R12 operates entirely on the Cisco UCS platform. Cisco UCS combines computing, networking, storage access, and virtualization in a single system. The move to Oracle R12 on Cisco UCS, along with integrating business-to-business and BTS models on the same SCM system, has greatly reduced infrastructure and process complexiity. Onboarding new manufacturing partners and nodes is faster, 6 months versus 18 months, and engineering change order communication is more efficient. The technology of the supply chain is changing, and so are customers’ expectations.

Stars marked milestones in the process, and callouts along the circle corresponded to the 12 foundational design decisions. “IT was not able to respond quickly to supply chain business requirements, and the business was not able to respond quickly to market transitions and opportunities,” says Shanthi Iyer, director, Cisco Value Chain IT, Supply Chain Management. With Lifecycle Support Services, you can build a lifecycle management program tailored to your specific competencies.

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Yang Ming Marine Transport established a subsidiary with NAXCO Group in France to support Yang Ming’s presence in the French market with more extensive transport service. With its cooperation with THE Alliance, Yang Ming deployed several weekly service routes on Asia-Europe, Asia-Mediterranean, Intra Europe, and Trans-Atlantic trades, with regular services to and from Port of Le Havre and Port of Fos-sur-Mer. Transfesa Logistics added an international rail connection in Dourges, south of Lille, in France. Unloading containers originating from Spain, the service operates mixed, multi-product trains, with its first stop in France, as well as transports merchandise that continues later on to other routes to various European countries.

lss logistics software solutions

Upgrading to Oracle e-Business Suite R12 – specifically, exploiting out-of-the-box functionality such as localization – would be pivotal to advancing country enablement. We also provide purely transactional engagement models for companies that simply need to procure specific services from our comprehensive portfolio of solutions. This model also allows you to explore our capabilities and expand your partnership over time. Fizyr features Ensenso 3D cameras and high-performance GigE uEye cameras from IDS, which provide optimal object information.

Oracle R12 functionality would enable Cisco to implement a BTS model easily, within the same supply chain system alongside CTO. In this cumbersome environment, adding a single data field to an existing report required the full-time-equivalent of one employee per month. Whether it’s simply a matter of hitting your daily throughput targets, maximizing labor productivity, or increasing annual profits, you have defined critical business objectives you need to meet around the clock. More than 60 BSFI Institutions are using DPSecure software for their operational needs. Be it smaller DP’s having 2000 clients or bigger DP’s servicing 1 crore clients, our software has being successfully used to cater to their requirements.

BTS products are manufactured and held in inventory to satisfy demand as orders come in. The documentation set for this product strives to use bias-free language. Exceptions may be present in the documentation due to language that is hardcoded in the user interfaces of the product software, language used based on RFP documentation, or language that is used by a referenced third-party product. The rail-connected site is located within the heavy-haul corridor, close to the Barbours Cut and Bayport container terminals and with access to the regional interstate highway system. The M3 UL20 Mobile Computer from iDTRONIC Mobile Solutions is equipped with a 2D barcode reader to support data collection for inventory management. Featuring a 5-inch touchscreen and long-range scanning capabilities, the handheld reader can capture information from labels or tags up to a range of 70 feet.

Lss Logistics Software Solutions Details

Ensure you have support of senior management, internal project teams and leads, implementation partners, and vendors. Encourage well-informed, timely decisions and resolutions made together. During the transformation, the supply chain ERP underwent significant consolidation . Cisco IT also simplified and consolidated hundreds of reports, and transformed or lifted and shifted more than 300 business capabilities and applications. A notable exception was the Cisco acquisition of Scientific Atlanta in 2005, presently rolled under the Service Provider Video Technology Group. Scientific Atlanta set top boxes and modems are fixed-configuration products that have a cost structure and sourcing strategy different from Cisco core products.

Housing critical supply chain systems and ERP in the San Jose data center put Cisco at risk. Cisco IT transitioned all ERP and non-ERP supply chain processes and systems from the San Jose production data center to the Richardson, Texas, data center. In January 2014, Oracle 11i in the Cisco San Jose data center was fully decommissioned. The move to the Richardson data center, one in a pair of active-active data centers, closes a critical gap in business resiliency that existed in San Jose. The paired data centers run critical applications in both places simultaneously. In case of a disaster at one site, the other can protect the uptime and availability of data.

lss logistics software solutions

Engage executives for timely mitigation of program issues and risks. Socialize business benefits, change impacts, and risks with senior management clearly and early. LSS BFSI Domain Knowledge was leverage by Bangalore based Startup company to build MF Investment Platform from the scratch. This publication describes how Cisco has benefited from the deployment of its own products.

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The Supply Chain LSS Program team is composed of Cisco IT and business stakeholders and subject-matter experts throughout the supply chain organization. Lifecycle Support Services can take complete ownership of lifecycle management via a contractual agreement designed to achieve your defined critical business outcomes. This approach is ideal if your organization prefers to completely outsource its lifecycle management activities. APL Logistics launched a visibility and reporting platform called Logistics SuperSuite Plus (LSS+). The order management solution provides end-to-end supply chain integration with tools to connect supply chain stakeholders. LSS+ offers vendor collaboration, shipment planning, visibility and reporting, and analytics.

In Brief: New Services & Solutions

Our goals are to help you reduce your capital and operational costs, meet growing demands for increased volume, boost your speed and uptime, maximize your investment, and create more predictable budget forecasts. Through ongoing collaboration, we serve as a strategic partner to maximize your return on system investment. PITT OHIO launched a warehousing service across the Mid-Atlantic and Midwest regions. With its new solution, PITT OHIO offers project work, surging inventory, and forward inventory solutions. The Chicago Rockford International Airport is adding a new international cargo center. The project includes a 90,000-square-foot facility, a 100,000-square-foot building, a new ramp to accommodate six 747 aircraft, and a new road for tractor/trailer traffic to and from the facility.

To stay competitive and meet increasingly demanding standards of order fulfillment, supply chain leaders are replacing passive and transactional approaches to lifecycle management and maintenance operations. A new standard of proactive programs is emerging to minimize unplanned downtime, optimize maintenance, shorten intervention times, and prevent disruptions before they occur. Real estate services firm JLL and consulting firm Miebach Consulting entered into a business alliance to help enterprises with site selection choices to support customer-oriented supply chains.

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Two affiliated services of CFI, CFI Logistics and CFI Mexico, are expanding into a new, dedicated facility in Laredo, Texas, providing expedited cross-border as well as in-country Mexico logistics and transportation services. DSV launched a customs classification Logistics software solutions service for international businesses. Called DSV Customs Classification, the new service ensures the information about the goods DSV classifies complies with local customs regulations and aims to ease customers’ administrative burden.

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